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Breathing For Extreme Sports

January 23, 20241 min read

“ Anything that I've never done, whether it's jumping off cliffs or skydiving, I need to incorporate my visualization and Breathwork techniques” - Dre Nuzum


As a two-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior, Dre illuminates the mental and physical discipline required to excel in such a demanding sport. His journey on the show serves as a backdrop for exploring how focused breathing techniques can enhance performance and decision-making under pressure.

8 Reasons

I encourage you to listen to the podcast; here are my biggest takeaways:

1. 5-5-7 Breath = Extreme Calm

Dre's story on how he used the 5-5-7 breath to stay composed when his parachute failed to open shows us how the breath truly is the difference maker in these dangerous moments.

2. The Power of Visualization

Dre lives a lifestyle where he's constantly pushing his boundaries of what's been done before. His protocol before attempting anything new involves visualization of that task.

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Alexander Gouyet

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