Breathwork: The Original Key To Unlocking Human Performance


My Core Belief

True fulfillment comes not from the task that we’re doing in this moment, but how we engage with it.

No matter how mundane or difficult it is, if we approach it with a desire to do our best, it transforms into a task of fulfillment.

I remind people of this by showing them that in this moment, they already have the tools to unlock this inner fulfillment.

I do this using short, high-impact Breathwork sessions: You can do it from anytime, anywhere, all you need is a set of lungs.

Program Features

Breathwork Deep Dives

1:1 Somatic Breathwork™, cold plunge, and sauna sessions at my home.

Breathwork Adjustments

25 Minute Zoom sessions to reset and refocus during the week.

Self-Guided Breathwork

Breathwork & mindset exercises from my mens coaching program.

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What Is Breathwork?

Anytime you take conscious control of your breathing, you are doing breathwork. There are many forms of Breathwork out there: some may be used to boost energy while others can help calm the mind and body.

How Is Breathwork Different From Meditation?

While Breathwork is a component of most meditations, it becomes its own practice when we use non-cyclic techniques like box breathing or Tummo Breathwork. This means that the breath is the star of the show, instead of a tool used to meditate.

Why Has Breathwork Become Popular Only Recently?

It's unknown why these huge libraries of breathing techniques from ancient India, China, and other regions went dormant for centuries. One reason for the increase in the West is thanks to the Covid epidemic, which both made us more aware of our breathing (it was a respiratory illness, plus it made us spend time indoors and wear masks) and prompted the US Government to dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars towards researching breathing techniques and their impact on things like stress, focus, and immunity.

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